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Welcome to Services x Lu Woods, I thank you for taking the time to view my website. Below I will list and explain the services choices that I provide. After reading, selecting a service, and reading through the packages, please book a 45 minute consultation (located at the bottom of this page) where we can further discuss details and choose the appropriate package for you. Consultations are done virtually on Zoom.

After the consultation, you will receive an invoice for payment of services. Unless discussed and agreed upon otherwise, your payment must be paid in full via said invoice. 

The services I offer are as follows:

- Business Consulting

- Project Management

- Social Media Management 

- Trip Planning

- Event Planning


Book a Business Consulting Service with me if you're looking to start a business, reconstruct your business, or create an efficient marketing plan. This service is constructed based on the desires of my customers. Below, you will find a few of my simple packages for consulting. I offer a variety of services when it comes to asssisting business owners with their goals including but NOT LIMITED TO;

- logo creation

- business cards

- flyers

- custom business plan creation

- website creation/ management

- promotion and ad creation

- marketing plans

- 3/6/9/12 month business plans

Start-up Guide Consult | $20 | Including services such as creation of a name for your business, logo ideas, and product details. Book this package if you are looking to start a business, but are not sure where to start.

Beginners Consult | $30 | Book this package if you have the basics for your business, but need assistance with finding a graphic & web designer, vendors for your business, and creating marketing strategies. 

Business Reconstruction | $30 | Book this package if you have established your business, but are not happy with the direction that things are going at the moment and need assistance with things such as sales concepts, ads, marketing, and building rapport with customers.

Project Management 

Package Details Coming Soon, however, you can still book a consultation and we can create a custom package set for your specific standards. My Project Management includes services such as creating and over-seeing photoshoots, video content, so on and so forth.  

Social Media Management 

These packages are based on posts to the follow social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have another platform that you would like to add posts to, it will be an additional $5 fee per website. 

Quick Post Package | $75 Monthly | 3 posts a week with captions.

Invested Poster Package | $125 Monthly | 5 posts a week with captions

Dedication Poster Package | $150 Monthly | 7 posts a week with captions

Trip Planning

These package prices are based on a 3 day travel, with up to 4 people. Additional days add $5 fee to your total price, and each additional person adds a $10 fee to your total price. 

Basic Package | $40 | Includes 3 travel options, 3 lodging options, and an itinerary. 

Assisted Package | $50 | Includes 5 travel options, 5 lodging options, 3 transportation options and 2 itineraries. 

Full Package | $100 | All of your travel, lodging, and vacation transportation will be booked for you. Along with 3 itinerary options and all of your event & activities tickets will be booked as well. 

Event Planning

Event planning packages are tricky, and I prefer to discuss precise amounts after the service consultation. Please do not hesitate to book so that we can further discuss what you desire for your event! I price my planning based off of the amount of guests, the length of the event, and how close in date proximity the event is! Please keep in mind that the prices listed below are the overall price for me to plan said event, and NOT what I charge per hour. If the event date is within less than 21 days of your consultation, there will be an additional rush fee added onto your total price depending on how close it is

1hr events: $30

2hr events: $50

3hr events: $75

4+ events: Starting at $125

I look forward to working with you!

Our Services

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