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Thank you for visiting my page! I am glad that I could provide a look that interested you. Once you find the look you were searching for, click the photo, and you will be directed to the styleboard on my NordstromON profile to shop! 

IF you were interested in a piece that was not featured from Nordstrom but from déjAVRYON, please click shop on my website's menu button to find said product(s)you are in search for. In the event that you are looking for a product neither on Nordstrom nor déjAVRYON, please contact me directly via Chat, DM, or email! 

If you would like to shop a Nordstrom look in a different size or color, please message me and I will create the link for you, thank you!

I also want to invite you to take a few moments to not only join my Nordstrom Customer List by clicking the "JOIN ME" button to the right, but also joining the déjAVRYON website as well. Thank you!


xoxo, Lu Woods

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